Our History

Painting is part of my heritage.  My grandfather and his sons were painters. My father and uncle are artists and a few of my extended family members are painters.


My first painting contract was with my brother when I was a teenager.  We painted an apartment in Montreal, neither one of us had much experience so I was nominated as the 'cutter' and he rolled.  Little did I know how important cutting straight lines would be.  Now 30 years later and countless stories, I am an owner and entrepreneur.


When I lived in Montreal I wanted the company name to be "Peinturons" - which means let's paint in french.  In '97 when we moved down the 401, that didn't translate very well, so the company name became Painteron.  There are a number of variations that work, "Painter on!" or, "Painter Ron".  Whatever works for you!


In 2007, I registered my business and made it official.  Up until that time, I only painted as a second stream of income.  But with my work with Cache Reid homes in London and a great designer by the name of Pat Kadlecik, I made it official and went full time as a Painter.  The last few years have been very exciting.  Moving to Burlington was a big decision and it is home to our family now.  My wife and I have eight children - and no, we haven't been offered our own reality TV series yet!